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A Legacy of Love Letters to Your Child

Imagine sitting down with a warm cup of coffee, the morning light spilling through the window, and a pen poised over a blank piece of paper. This isn't just any letter you're about to write; it's a heartfelt message to your child, one of many you'll pen over the years, culminating in a treasure trove of memories and wisdom to be gifted on a very special day: their high school graduation.

The idea of writing letters to your child to present them at their graduation is not just about preserving memories or imparting wisdom; it's about creating a tangible expression of love and support that they can hold onto for years to come. Each letter is a snapshot of a moment in time, reflecting the joys, challenges, and milestones that define their journey from childhood to adulthood. It's a way to tell them, "I've been with you every step of the way, and I'm so proud of the person you've become."

As moms and grandmas, we understand the deep, enduring connection we share with our children. These letters become a legacy, a way to share our hopes, dreams, and advice with our children long after they've grown. And when that moment comes, as they stand on the threshold of adulthood, ready to take on the world, they'll have a collection of your letters to remind them of where they came from, the love that surrounds them, and the wisdom that will guide them through life's challenges. So, grab your favorite pen, pour yourself another cup of coffee, and start writing. The letters you write today will be a gift of a lifetime for your child, a testament to a love that grows and evolves, just as they do.

Monika Strand is the author of over 50 children's books. Her happy space and niche is creating personalized books for birthdays, baptisms, big brother/sister books, holidays, kids moving and other momentous occasions.

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