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Welcome Home

Moving Gift Idea - Closing Gift Idea - Welcome Home is a children's book to ease the minds of children moving to a new home - Written by Monika Strand \ Illustrated by Janette Hill

This was the book that inspired JustForYouBooks to come alive!

Monika Strand was a Realtor at the time, and saw a need for a thoughtful gift for children moving. The idea for the book came to her one afternoon. She quickly put pen to paper. Welcome Home was written within an hours time. As the final sentence was crafted, the tears rolled down her eyes, as she realized this was the book she needed when she was a 6 year old little girl moving. Monika took the leap of faith to self publish her idea, found a brilliant illustrator named Janette Hill, and Welcome Home was born. There was plenty to learn along the way. Little did Monika know that this book would change her career focus. A children's author was BORN that day.

Monika's VISION today: For Welcome Home to ease the minds of children moving. Moving is scary for kids, even if the house they are moving to is amazing. Welcome Home is the warm hug, EVERY child needs when making a move.

Applause and Spotlights for Welcome Home!

"What a great idea to give this book to clients who are moving."

Robert Reffkin

Founder | CEO Compass

"This children's book is a perfect gift for any Realtor to give a family on their moving day. There is a sweet message in the story letting kids know that people make a home, and a new home can be filled with just as much love as the old home."

Kelle Dame

Kelle Dame Interiors

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Welcome Home, a book by Monika Strand, written for kid's moving to a new home. The book reminds them that they are more important than making this move.
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