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Slow Down and Read with your Kids

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

The holiday season is here! Many of us find ourselves busy and overwhelmed with all the to-do's on our list. Yet, it is important to remember to slow down and spend quality time with our loved ones, especially our children. One way to do this is by reading together.

Reading is not only a fun and enjoyable activity, but it also has countless benefits for children. It helps develop their language and cognitive skills, improves their concentration and focus, and sparks their imagination and creativity. Plus, it is a great way to bond and connect with your child.

This December, make it a goal to slow down and read with your kids. Set aside a specific time each day or week to read together, whether it's before bed or during a cozy afternoon at home. Let your child pick out the book and take turns reading out loud to each other.

Not sure what books to read? Take a trip to your local library or bookstore and explore the children's section. Look for books that have holiday themes or are set in winter, such as "The Polar Express" or "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". You can also find books that align with your child's interests, whether it's dinosaurs, princesses, or superheroes. Want something extra special and personalized for your child? Consider this title.

As you read together, encourage your child to ask questions and share their thoughts and feelings about the story. This will not only help improve their comprehension skills but also foster their emotional intelligence.

Remember, the goal is not to rush through the book but to savor the moment and enjoy each other's company. Take the time to pause and discuss the illustrations or share personal stories related to the story. This will create a meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your child.

In addition to reading together, you can also incorporate other fun and educational activities related to the book. For example, if you read "The Gingerbread Man" or “Mia’s(your child’s name), Christmas Surprise”, you can bake gingerbread cookies together. If you read "The Snowy Day", you can go outside and play in the snow.

By slowing down and reading with your kids this December, you are not only creating cherished memories but also helping them develop important skills and a love for learning. So grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle up with your little ones, and dive into a good book together.

Monika Strand is the author of over 50 children's books. Her happy space and niche is creating personalized books for birthdays, baptisms, big brother/sister books, holidays, kids moving and other momentous occasions.

For all your personalized children's book needs, you can find Monika’s books by visiting:

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