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Trending Baby Girl Names for 2023

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Baby Girl Names for 2023, Personalized Baby Books

What baby girl names, so far, are popular in 2023? Parents-to-be are wondering what names will be trending for baby girls.

Let’s explore some of the most popular baby girl names that are expected to be in vogue in 2023.

One of the top contenders for 2023 is Amelia, which has consistently been gaining popularity over the years. This classic name, which means "work" or "industrious," has a timeless feel and is loved for its simplicity and elegance.

Another name that is popular so far in 2023 is Harper, which is derived from an old English surname meaning "harp player." This name has been on the rise for the past decade and is expected to continue to gain popularity.

Avery is predicted to be one of the baby girl names for 2023 that will be a hit. This unisex name, which means "ruler of the elves," has been gaining popularity for girls in recent years and is expected to continue to rise in popularity.

Other names that are trending in 2023 include Charlotte, which means "free woman," and Aurora, which means "dawn." Both names have been gaining popularity in recent years and are expected to continue to be popular choices for baby girls.

There are many beautiful and meaningful baby girl names to choose from in 2023. Whether you prefer classic or modern names, the perfect name is waiting to be given to your daughter on the way! Congratulations on your growing family!! What are some of your favorite baby names?

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